“Katie Grimmett is a great writer, you will see more of her soon enough”.
Alexander Rossi, 2015 Manor F1 driver

“I can say that is the best interview anyone has done with me! Nice to see it written from her point of view rather than just question and answer rubbish. I like the way it flows and personality has been added to the article.”
Dan Wells, Hong Kong based British Racing Driver

“Thanks Katie for including me in your Future Stars series, I need all the love I can get!”
Robert Wickens, Formula Renault 3.5 champion and current Mercedes DTM driver.

“Katie is not just a writer, she is a magician. Her words are magical and when put in sentences, come alive. Combine this with her great knowledge about the sport, kind personality and motto “Never Give Up”, you get one of the most talented racing journalists in recent times.”
Lukas Redl, Czech motorsport video editor

“Good stuff indeed, well done.”
Peter Windsor, former Sporting Director of the US F1 Team and a Formula One Journalist.


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