Memories from 2015


“In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity” – Albert Einstein

As I reflect on 2015, I am beginning to think that Mr Einstein was on to something here.

I first stumbled across these words on a cold and dark February evening. I am on doctor-ordered bed rest, bored out of my mind and the howling wind outside sums up my persistent frustration. Anyone who knows me will be able to tell you that doing nothing simply is not my thing. I hate it. I will spare you the details but six months of illness recovery was not the plan. However, while in the midst of tests, scans and never-ending appointments, I could never have imagined that 2015 would end on such a high.

As I write this, I am surrounded by my new Gilles Villeneuve book (thanks Luke) and a framed photograph of Jim Clark’s Lotus 25 is hanging on the wall above. I am well and truly back in my happy (motorsport-filled) place. Before, I bid farewell to 2015, it is perhaps appropriate to take a look back at the opportunities I have enjoyed this year, even in the face of some challenges.


2015 was the year I appeared in print for the very first time. From The Times’ Raconteur to the back pages of Autosport magazine, the past twelve months have seen me spread my wings to other mediums.


In fact, I have to thank Autosport for guiding me during the latter half of 2015. Upon returning from my lengthy break, I slotted into their talent development programme alongside numerous capable young writers. Their abilities have pushed me and made me a better writer as a result. My work experience week, followed by some behind the scenes work during an F1 week and regular classes have helped me to develop over the past few months. Oh class, how it is filled with jokes, endless support and some of the greatest examples of work you may find among my age group. To all my fellow Autosport juniors and our glorious leader Matt Beer, see you in January!


A return to the Formula Renault 3.5 paddock in September was next on the cards with a busy weekend at Silverstone. Somehow, it was my first time making it to a British circuit! Matthieu Vaxiviere was awarded the unofficial trophy for ‘best losing face’ while Oliver Rowland continued his display of dominance with poise and humility. With appearances at Le Mans and Jerez following suit, it was great to be reunited with such familiar faces and to see the most successful championship victory of in FR3.5 history.

 I feel honoured to have been a part of the World Series by Renault and look forward to witnessing a new era of change in the months to come. Change will come in the form an RPM-headed Formula 3.5 V8 and a revised World Series by Renault going forward. To both Renault and RPM Racing, I am continually grateful.

On a side note: I am fully aware that neither’s Haydn Cobb nor our editor Ollie Barstow find receiving heaps of praise a particularly comfortable experience, but I do want to thank them again for their incredible patience throughout my extended sickness absence. (I’m not even sorry for the fuss, chaps!)


If you follow me on Twitter, you may well have seen that I am new recruit at Driver Club Management as a press officer. It is a management company I have known about for some time so it is great to have officially joined the team. It is with particular pride that I produced race reports for Formula Renault 2.0 NEC driver Max Defourny. As the highest-placed rookie of the bunch and fourth overall, there is no denying his potential. Here’s to a safe and successful year to all my colleagues at DCM.

 I welcome 2016 with gleeful abandon, accompanied by my own ideas and dreams for the upcoming 12 months. Above all else, I hope it is a safe and fulfilling one for all. As I reminisce a mixed year, I realise more and more the accuracy of Einstein’s words. Indeed, while known more as a scientist, one would be tempted to deem him a wordsmith for his accurate philosophical musings. There is something to be learned in even the hardest of times and an opportunity to be seized. No matter how grey the sky is that day or how much your body is letting you down, keep going because it will be alright in the end. With that, I speak from experience.

Expect great things.

Written by Katie Grimmett. Katie is a freelance motorsport journalist predominately working in single-seater junior championships with Crash.netAUTOSPORT and Driver Club Management. If you wish to contact Katie, please do so here.

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