Meet Katie

photoKatie Grimmett’s writing days can be traced back to the time she was dressed in a questionable ’90s jumpsuit while sat at her father’s computer as an infant.

For sports enthusiast and language lover Katie, a career as a freelance motorsport journalist and PR beckoned. Thanks to hard work, late nights and (she will admit) plenty of luck, Katie’s career is rapidly growing, ensuring she is well-placed to make accurate and informed predictions using a wealth of contacts.

With a background predominately focusing on single seaters, Katie has worked with the likes of, Autosport, MSA Magazine and Driver Club Management. She has also worked with initiatives such as the Henry Surtees Foundation and Dare to be Different. Furthermore, since her career started in late 2012, Katie has interviewed a plethora of motorsport professionals, including: John Surtees OBE, self-dubbed Mind Performance Coach Simon Fitchett and F1 up-and-comer Carlos Sainz Jr. in her various writing capacities. From this, she has developed a reputation as one of online journalism’s most prominent young reporters.

Here, on stoodonthepodium Katie offers a behind the scenes look at one of the world’s most exclusive sports. From paddock diaries to statistical analysis and the odd opinion on the latest breaking news, stoodonthepodium allows for a more informal account from one of the sport’s rising journalists.

bloglogoYou can find out more about Katie’s career by reading her CV here.  You can also join the conservation on Twitter, email Katie for any enquiries or view testimonials from drivers, colleagues and readers here.

Here’s to a thrilling (and safe) 2016!


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