THE RESULTS: The best driver of the 2014 season

Thank you to all who took part in the poll on ‘stoodonthepodium’. Last week, you were asked to vote for your favourite driver of the 2014 Formula 1 season and, if you chose to, explain why.

The lead did switch between three drivers throughout the allocated voting time but the results are now in.

Lewis Hamilton was declared your favourite driver of the 2014 season with 44.12% of the votes. The reigning drivers’ champion  was third for a time but several votes swung the decision in his favour. In tweets, some voters explained that they selected Hamilton based on his “ability to come back from the pit lane” and “countless podium finishes.”

Hot on the Briton’s heels was Daniel Ricciardo with the Australian securing 41.18% of all votes cast. While he finished second in this poll, the results were close and the Red Bull driver was a one-time leader of the poll.

Valtteri Bottas chosen by readers to fill the ‘other’ option; the Finn obtained 8.82% of all votes for third, some way down on the benchmark set by Hamilton. Readers noted his “high consistency” and “promising qualifying performances” for this selection.

Nico Rosberg was fourth place with 5.88% of the votes. Rosberg, although second in the championship, fell well down on his rivals after some controversial manoeuvres and decisions saw him fall out of favour in the latter stages of 2014.

Sebastian Vettel was named as a possible option for voters as he was the reigning victor but, unsurprisingly, the German received 0% of the votes. The four time champion joins Kimi Raikkonen at Ferrari in 2015. This announcement comes after he was out-scored by his team mate Ricciardo on several occasions.

Thank you again to all who took part and here is to an action-packed 2015!

Driver Votes (%)
Lewis Hamilton 44.12%
Daniel Ricciardo 41.18%
Valtteri Bottas   8.82%
Nico Rosberg   5.88%
Sebastian Vettel   0%

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