The World Series by Renault, here I come!

bloglogoGive me a moment to contain my excitement.

Thank you.

It is with great delight I announce that I will be attending the final round of the World Series by Renault with in Barcelona, Spain.

Yes, you did read that correctly. Little me, who founded ‘stoodonthepodium’ one year ago, is about to take the adventure of a lifetime and with a site I read religiously.

Now, I just need to board the correct plane. Eek!

I am in the process of speaking to Oli Webb in the hope of producing something special for his next ‘The Inside Track’ column to commemorate the end of the season. I will be seeing him in Barcelona so hopefully we can sort out something special for you all.

You can follow my progress in Spain here on ‘stoodonthepodium’ where I will write about my experience in the paddock.  If you do miss the race reports on Twitter and the Facebook page, you can find them all on the ‘Race Reports’  section as usual.

This new role with ‘Crash’ will mean that I am no longer covering the series for ‘The Sideline Agenda’I would like to thank everyone there for giving me the writing platform I needed to give this series the coverage it deserves. I wish everyone there the very best of luck for the future; I will be watching your progress with interest!

I first started writing here on this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts on this crazy Motorsport world with like-minded people like you. It has grown to become something I could never have imagined or expected but it is with pride that I set forth on this new adventure in my life.

As always, I am taking you with me – well, metaphorically speaking anyway!

Thank you for all your support. I will speak to you soon.


3 thoughts on “The World Series by Renault, here I come!

  1. Great news! Big congratulations Katie, you’ve been working so hard to achieve this so it is very well deserved! I can’t wait to hear your stories from Barcelona on your blog, enjoy it!

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