“Most drivers described Spain as the hardest they had ever done”.

Formula Renault 3.5 began in Monza and it was Oli Webb’s Fortec Motorsports team mate, Stoffel Vandoorne, who claimed the first victory of the season. Following a three week break, the drivers returned to the place of testing, Motorland Aragon in Spain for a wet race. Oli Webb took time out of his schedule to talk exclusively to ‘stoodonthepodium’ about his thoughts on the races so far, his preparations for Monaco and how those closest to him, help him unwind following a race weekend. 

 Preparation for the season was busy. Lots of visits to the workshop, working hard on training and nutrition as well as sessions with my mind coach and on the simulator at Red Bull racing HQ. Listening to my mind coach tapes and pre session stretching are the only things that I really do constantly before each day on a race weekend.
 Monza was a great weekend overall, the only three cars in front of me in the first race were F1 junior drivers from Red Bull and McLaren so we really showed our stuff especially as we were catching them. In Race 2, I got a record start in WSR of 2.7 to gain 6 places but then on the last lap a puncture meant I finished 9th after losing positions until the finish line! 
 As for prep for Motorland, it is always the same, just maybe working harder 😉 It was always going to be hard with the variable weather that Motorland was going to bring. The wet weather did affect my race. The vision is the hardest thing; our cars lift hundreds of litres of water a second with the down force and through it as 180mph into the face of the driver behind so getting a clear lap or overtake is very hard in those conditions. Most drivers described that race as the hardest they had ever done.
Spain was an average weekend, Saturday was good with us being faster then my team mate in the race and only one-tenth-of-a-second off him in Quali, more to come!
 After a year racing in the USA and doing some street tracks I hope that I am well prepared for Monaco and look forward to roaring through the streets of the principality. It’s a busy weekend, being pulled in a lot of directions as a driver from events sponsors and family/friends however staying focused in the heat in a long race is key, good food, good sleep, hard work. We are working hard to get on that podium after a great opening round to the year!
oliicecreamFUN WITH THE GANG
It is very important to unwind after a race. Very! I rarely even get to see them let alone have a day out like at Alton Towers. I got to see my best friends Jamie Baker, Khalil Musa, Cerys Owen and girlfriend Portia Hughes all on one big fun day out in the sun on some rides though not quite WSR fast! 
Other than test driving the world’s only single seater, road legal, racing car – the BAC Mono, on my day job, it was just training as usual! 

Oliver Webb is currently racing for Fortec Motorsports in the Formula Renault 3.5 series. 2013 marks his return to the series after time out competing in Indy Lights in America. Now back racing in Europe, Oli will be giving us an insight into his season throughout 2013 exclusively here on ‘stoodonthepodium’. He was talking to editor, Katie Grimmett. 


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