Marussia 2013 – A New Era


When Timo Glock parted ways with Marussia F1, it was immediately apparent that the team was heading in a new direction. Unveiled in sunny Jerez, the Spanish city provided the perfect glamorous backdrop that the rookies had best get used to.

The car takes a similar approach to the majority of cars unveiled so far. We will be able to tell how effective this is later today.


The change in direction has signalled a new approach to the cars as well. The money bought to the team by Chilton and their rumoured driver Luiz Razia has allowed KERS to be installed for the first time.

A factor that could help certainly. Marussia need to match Caterham, Williams and Toro Rosso if they are to justify Glock’s exit. “We beat them without KERS before” says Symonds, their Chief Technical Director.

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