The Bull Is Unbolted

They’ve been the most dominant team in Formula 1 for the past three years. Therefore it is no surprise that the launch of Infiniti Red Bull Racing was hotly anticipated. Fans queued up outside the team’s base in Milton Keynes, Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber were more than happy to give their time to the crowd.

ImageMany expected the car’s appearance to be completely different; the team’s new title partner Infiniti were to be more prominent on the car. I suggested that a stepped nose may be adopted, indeed I was correct, only Lotus have also chosen this less attractive strategy thus far.

The car is purple, diverting away from the infamous blue. The front wing may have people talking once again (as is often the way in Formula 1). It looks to be closer to the ground than some other cars. :”Most of our effort has gone in refining the RB8. Front wing stiffness test been made harder so that makes it quite tough” said Christian Horner. This confidence is entirely understandable given its speed last year. I look forward to Jerez; the first real test for these cars.

I can’t say it’s the most beautiful car. I’m sorry I just can’t. The chassis doesn’t look as clean and crisp as before, an unusual move by their Chief Technical Director Adrian Newey. Team Principal Christian Horner referenced this change, “it marks a new beginning for us” he mentioned at the launch. Ultimately the team will want the speed and that is almost a given with this team. Adrian Newey may not know how to make them pretty but he can make them fast.


Not only does the car retain the stepped nose but it keeps a push rod front suspension strategy. In other words, the car is similar in its approach to last year’s. Of course this is the last year before major rule changes restrict certain elements of the car.

The launch was quick, and some say disappointing. We were offered insight into the making of the car in Red Bull’s typical quirky style. You can view that here if you have not done so already.

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