4 Cars, 3 Drivers

The season of car launches is amongst us. It signals the end of no racing, petrol fumes and overtakes. Typical, you wait for these cars to come along and you get two at once! 


First up it was Ferrari.Unveiled from their classic motor home in Maranello, the setting was typical of the Italian team. Passionate and heavily based on tradition, only their new challenger added a contemporary feel.


The pressure is on Ferrari for 2013. This car must be quick if a title is realistic, even in Fernando Alonso’s capable hands.


Ferrari are passionate and the fans reflect this in their hysteria. Alonso was the nearly man of 2013, this year a different approach could help them.

The car itself is a beauty, the black detail signalling a change for the Italian team. The modesty panel also suggests that McLaren and Ferrari will have similar approaches to the season. The intake of breath was extraordinary. Unusual even. Ferrari know how to make beautiful cars. Fingers crossed it’s fast! Cooling occurs from the rear outlet, differing in the typical approach seen from the Red Bull. We will have to wait a few days for more details. I will cover that information when we know more details.


Less than an hour later and our thoughts shifted focus. Force India’s launch was unusual to say the least. One driver was present; though of course no other has been announced. Poor Paul Di Resta cut a lonely figure, one couldn’t help but feel uncertain about the atmosphere. The team admitted an announcement until later, in my mind the weekend is the most likely time, so as not to “confuse the issue”.

Without two drivers, this particular launch was largely corporate in nature. Unveiled in Silverstone, the team eluded to their surroundings and its place within Formula 1 history – they of course hope the car will garner a similar fate.


The VJM06 is simply beautiful. It seems that thus far, Lotus are adopting their typical, individual approach with the stepped nose. Paul Di Resta seems pleased too, his disappointment at losing the McLaren drive has seemingly gone. He had a say in the car’s make up; that’s nice to know.


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