McLaren’s Big Reveal

First came Lotus, second comes McLaren – though of course McLaren will hope this will be their final time in second place! Today the British based team unveiled their 2013 challenger, a car named MP4-28. Alright, so maybe it’s not the most catchy of names but the car is a real beauty.


Typical in its style to previous models, the look neither surprised me nor my peers. The big question on everybody’s lips was instead, whether or not the British outfit would adopt the same ‘stepped nose’ strategy as Lotus? The original pictures suggested not. This was not adopted in 2012 so a return of this device was always unlikely.

“Be a part of history” they said. Of course, they hope the car will do exactly that. With a fresh start following the departure of Lewis Hamilton and the arrival of Sergio Perez, the car could. Only testing will tell. How exciting!


Suspense was created through the use of music, the atmosphere was set as the drivers emerged. It was interesting to see Sergio Perez. Critics of his move may have expected him to appear nervous, his demeanour was to the contrary, he was relaxed and composed.

Words will not describe that warm and fuzzy feeling that us fans feel when the engines roar. It’s been too long and it was a welcome return. If the car is as good as it sounds then the season is already off to a promising start.

The McLaren MP4-28 is interesting in its ascetic design. In stark contrast to the Lotus, it appears to promote the importance of beauty. Similar to the Technology Centre where it was the born, the car is simple, clean and crisp. The team did talk about how the look is important to them, McLaren don’t approach it any other way.

Unfortunately some fan comments were not positive. An incredibly long build up was not what viewers wanted. The corporate setting was too much for some. What a shame. But I am sure hardcore McLaren fans will be pleased with the car.

Only time will tell if the car will indeed make history.

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2 thoughts on “McLaren’s Big Reveal

    • Hi Sam,
      I’m pleased it’s helped you! There is a stepped nose but it is covered (unlike the Lotus) suggesting that this is an aesthetic choice. Though of course, the team will have considered its aerodynamic capabilities too.

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