The Phoenix From The Ashes?


We all thought the HRT saga had reached its dramatic conclusion. Of course, as is the way in Formula 1, nothing is ever as it seems. The Spanish team, once hanging under a cloud of money worries, is now set for a comeback if we’re to believe recent reports.

This momentous occasion may have to wait until 2014; the clock is ticking and car preparations would be hampered as a result. But is it possible? My sources suggest so. Canadian and American investors are in advanced negotiations to buy out to the team.

Re branded as Scorpion Racing (and no you’re eyes are not deceiving you, that is their planned name) the comeback battle will pose numerous problems. Not least, the FIA believed the case closed upon HRT’s liquidation – besides the entry deadline closed in November. Despite this Bernie Ecclestone is keen, if they can buy HRT, the FIA “will accept you” he explained. 

The plans involve a Cosworth engine and Williams gearbox. So it seems like an appropriate business model is in place. If I could just advice the team on one matter as they proceed with these plans – young drivers with a pot of gold and great potential could be key. In my opinion the wrong driver line up was partly responsible for their initial demise. 

Another team on the grid would pose numerous advantages to the season. Marussia and Caterham will have to make improvements unless they want to be beaten by a resurrected team. But perhaps most excitingly of all, some drivers who have sadly departed the sport may be offered a reprieve. 

Don’t forget the career of Jenson Button looked uncertain until their last minute was successful and ultimately secured him the championship. Whilst we are unlikely to see a repeat of this particular feat, it does give one food for thought.

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2 thoughts on “The Phoenix From The Ashes?

    • In my mind, the more teams the better! I agree with you about the drivers, potentially young drivers who left (Senna or Kobayashi) may have been allowed one more year to prove themselves before moving up. It might have given some bright, young racers an opportunity too.
      That’s the sad nature of F1. 😦

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