Future Stars – Mathéo Tuscher


Up next in my ‘Future Stars’ series is Mathéo Tuscher. By far the youngest of all the drivers, at just 16, Tuscher is already making his mark on Motorsport.
His young age means, inevitably, that he will not have won as many championships and F1 feeder series as the others. What we are instead identifying here is the potential this young man has to offer.

And it seems that you agree. At the Autosport Awards in 2012 he beat out the likes of Jean-Eric Vergne, Daniel Ricciardo and Romain Grosjean to win ‘Rookie of the Year’. Former winners of this award include: Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and the late Dan Wheldon. Voted for by the fans, this award will be even sweeter for a driver whose career has only really just begun.

It is with a certain of trepidation that I give him this title – putting him amongst the same company as Robin Frijns, Mitch Evans and Robert Wickens. After all, I cannot guarantee that he will be awarded the same connections to Formula 1 teams that the previously mentioned enjoy. However his track record does suggest a star in the making and that’s what this series is all about!

 He is the youngest winner of the FIA Formula Two Series in its history claiming eight wins and nine podiums from twelve races. He finished second overall in his first attempt; a major feat given his age and relative experience on such an international stage.

Of Swiss and French nationality, he met Michael Schumacher as a child in his native Switzerland. Since then the great champion has been following his career; not bad credentials indeed. He will need to continue these performances consistently and have the necessary financial backing. If this happens then Mathéo Tuscher could be a champion one day. It could be NASCAR, it could be DTM; Formula 1 is not the only series to aim for. All that I do really know for sure is that I’m thoroughly going to enjoy following his career.


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