Future Stars – Mitch Evans


You may not know the name now but in a few years I’m certain you will. So watch this space as Mitch Evans from Auckland, New Zealand prepares to take the world of motor racing by storm. Thus far, in a relatively short career, he has managed just that as 2013 announces his graduation from GP3 to its next level GP2.

Arden have chosen a talented driver to add to their list. Created and run by the same man behind the mighty Red Bull, Christian Horner, he is, in a way, an honorary Red Bull Junior. Indeed Sebastien Buemi and Antonio Felix da Costa have made the same move. Even if a seat is not available at Toro Rosso or Red Bull, Mitch Evans could move to the Formula Renault 3.5 Series where the team also hope to dominate.That’s not Mitch’s only link to the Austrian team. Veteran driver Mark Webber has taken the youngster under his wing – that kind of high profile support could prove crucial.

Of course we shouldn’t forget that he is only 18, a young man (even by Formula 1’s standards) so this future stars rating is certainly a gamble and investment. He has sponsors and backing which will certainly help him progress. He doesn’t always make the front pages and some racing fans do forget him, but for now that’s the way to be. If he keeps his head down and focuses, a drive in Formula 1 could be on the cards.

Evans does hold a ‘Sebastian Vettelesque’ record. He is the youngest driver to win an international Grand Prix anywhere in the world. His age at the time? Just 16. I hope this talent doesn’t go unnoticed and I certainly don’t think it will. His dominant win against drivers far superior to him in age is a sign that pay drivers can sometimes warrant their place on a team.

His titles haven’t come easy. His championship win resembled that of Vettel’s in Brazil of 2012. Monza was the backdrop for this finale – his German rival Daniel Abt had to win to secure the GP3 title. The Aucklander proved his racing credentials and ability to withstand pressure by moving from the back of the 25 driver grid into a points finish. What a way to win!

For the above mentioned reasons Mitch Evans makes his way onto this list. If you haven’t yet seen his talent, I am sure you will.


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