Red Bull’s Not For Everybody

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Given that Red Bull have won the last three World Constructors and Drivers Championships, you would be forgiven for assuming that all up and coming drivers aim to race for the prestigious team. Well allow me to introduce you to a driver who has said no, not once but twice.

Robin Frijns recently signed a contract with Sauber F1 to become the team’s reserve driver in 2013 replacing Esteban Gutierrez. Not the traditional route for a driver once offered a spot on the Red Bull young driver programme. But why he did turn them down I hear you ask. Well have no fear, Robin himself describes this simply and frankly.

When dismissing the team’s offer (one that has seen Sebastian Vettel, Jaime Alguersuari, Sebastien Buemi, Daniel Ricciardo and Jean-Eric Vergne rise to Formula 1) Frijns remarked that he had more freedom by conducting his racing career his way. Furthermore when asked Frijns simply stated that “if you don’t do what they want, you’re out”. I can’t say I disagree; Toro Rosso and its drivers have been given blunt warnings about a need for serious improvements in 2013.

A part of me has got to love Robin’s frank responses. He makes a point of saying that his pre F1 career was more successful than three time world champion Sebastian Vettel who looked set for that elusive ‘legendary’ status. He is right but then Frijns is entering the sport older than his German rival.

Last year I spoke to Robin Frijns, one of ‘stoodonthepodium’s’ ‘Future Stars’. I asked him if it really is impossible to describe the sensation of driving a Formula 1 car. Following his début in the Sauber at the Young Drivers Test, he explained to me it is like going from a normal plane to an F16. After that, the Dutchman had no words.

One has to respect a driver who knows the path their willing to take. It seems that for now his decision to reject Red Bull hasn’t counted against him. Hopefully it won’t ever.

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5 thoughts on “Red Bull’s Not For Everybody

  1. WOAH ! Frijns is the man. As long as I liked Minardi I do not quite like Helmut Marko, I think that he gives two different eyes about his drivers and jumps on everyone else. Just like the annoying friend of someone’s grandfather. However, every young talent without the money would like to be under the Red Bull wing just for a showcase of their potential. Had this been said, if Adrian Newey shifts for Toro Rosso this would change the situation (obviously).

    A question: Is Frijns not the next Jean Alesi ?

  2. I think thats a bold move and the correct one. Don’t know to much about him but he has my respect as he refuses to sell his soul to Redbull.

    • Would you like a follow up post which gives you some information on him? I’ve done a similar one with Max Chilton. I may do one for Mitch Evans too; he’s definitely one for the future.
      Let me know your thoughts. Thanks 🙂

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