2013 Hopes Dashed For Kamui


F1 fans are mourning the announcement that Kamui Kobayashi, the young Japanese driver has been forced to withdraw from the race seat hunt for 2013. This news comes in spite of an overwhelming 8,000,000€ fundraiser; it’s all just too little too late. Arguably prior to 2012, this funding would have been sufficient however 2013 is already an incredibly competitive year.

Indeed Kobayashi is not the only big casualty from Formula 1. Bruno Senna is unlikely to retain a race seat since the announcement that Bottas would be his replacement at Williams.

The mourning begins now and will most likely not end until his return – please let there be a return! A return is very difficult to confirm at this stage given that no drivers or cars have even begun testing for next year, however the money raised and the speed at which it was collated is itself a sign of the sport’s desire for Kobayashi in the sport.

His overtakes and recent podium at his home Grand Prix in Japan cemented his talent but not a competitive drive despite rumours circulating linking him to Lotus. Now I can’t help but feel like the pressure is off Kamui, he is almost certain to obtained a reserve seat at a top team. Instead the enormous weight of expectation and partial blame falls to his replacement Esteban Gutierrez who must prove himself worthy. As the youngest driver confirmed for the 2013 gird, he has admitted he may not be ready, but with a driver of this magnitude and talent missing out he has to be!

It is with great sadness that I announce Kamui Kobayashi’s departure from the 2013 grid. Whilst his return was fundamentally never likely, all of us fans gripped tightly to the rumours in the hope that one of them would be true. Alas they are not. Goodbye for now Kamui, on behalf of Formula 1 fans I would like to wish you an incredible 2013. We miss you already Kamui.

The full statement released by Kamui Kobayashi and his support team: http://t.co/k28QNUpH

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