Hamilton Considers McLaren Return

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He hasn’t even set foot in a Mercedes GP car yet Lewis Hamilton has made this somewhat startling claim.

Perhaps we shouldn’t find this too surprising, after all the former World Champion has called the historic team “his home”. His team since the age of 14, his move from them to the Silver Arrows is a risk.

But I can see why he’s taking it.

Mercedes were born from the foundations of Brawn, 2009 World Champions. Whilst the pace may not be there just yet, the move sparks an evolution from what he knows. A challenge, no more, of a progression – this is what any racer needs.

If you take your mind back a decade, the team at Mercedes GP is not disimiliar to the team Hamilton knew in his early McLaren days.


It is for these reasons that I can’t help but think that a return to McLaren would go against this philosophy of progression. Going backwards if you will. Lewis Hamilton is a World Champion and doesn’t need to prove his skills. But perhaps this change is to do exactly that.

If he was to return to McLaren realistically, the team would need new management. What’s more, he would have to be a multiple champion – proving those doubters wrong.

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