Kobayashi to Lotus?


Rumours are continuing to circulate linking Kamui Kobayashi to Lotus. Despite his talent this is somewhat surprising given that us race fans were grieving. We thought his 2013 F1 career was off the cards.

This is resurgence has possibly been caused by his recent fundraising. Kobayashi, with the help of race fans, has raised 14,901,427 Japanese Yen which is approximately equivalent to £112,584.92. Perhaps not enough to secure a seat but this money is at least a symbol of our desperate plea for him to stay in Formula 1.

It is however with trepidation that I write this blog post. There have been numerous drivers linked to Romain Grosjean’s seat at Lotus. Bruno Senna and Heikki Kovalainen seem like unlikely contenders, thus these Kobayashi rumours continue to grow.

When assessing the plausibility of these rumours it is important to look at Romain Grosjean. His inconsistent season, complete with a one race ban, saw his good reputation falter. Many forgot about his podium and instead focused on his failed first corner overtake attempts.

Ironically, Grosjean is employed outside of Formula 1 to help improve road safety. These now debatable links to any sponsorship or outside racing work has cast a formidable shadow over his future.

Therefore it is definitely possible that Kamui Kobayashi could take his seat. Many great drivers have come from the foundations of Sauber: Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen to name but a few. This is a prospect that would be appealing to a team and its shareholders.

What do you think of Kamui’s 2013 chances? Let me know by commenting below (please note you do not need a WordPress account do so).
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2 thoughts on “Kobayashi to Lotus?

    • Hi Ted,
      I know many people say feel the same way but that seems unlikely given the unreliable source. The rumours have not been verified outside Finland thus making the chances of Heikki joining Kimi not plausible.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂

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