Farewell HRT


12 teams will become 11 as we say goodbye to HRT. Whilst no one within the racing community is particularly surprised by this unfortunate fate, it is sad to see a team part from Formula 1.

Put up for sale last month, HRT were always battling a ticking time bomb. It is with great sadness that I confirm the end of the team; no buyer was found in time.

Even the experience of De La Rosa and Kartikayen wasn’t enough to get the Spanish team close to the Marussias or Caterhams as the battle for 10th in the constructors seemed far out of their reach.

As a Formula 1 fan it would be great to see HRT still in, predominantely so that drivers (whose futures look precarious) can still race…albeit at the very back. Perhaps our over taking master Kamui Kobayashi or my under rated driver of the year Heikki Kovalainen could have taken those seats?

Though alas we say goodbye as we reflect profoundly on the elitist nature of the sport and the dire consequences it has.

We must note as well the impact HRT’s end will have on Marussia and Caterham. Marussia will have increased pressure to make the significant improvements necessary to keep them competing with a heavily funded Caterham.

Goodbye HRT. Sorry that it’s all over.

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