Can Perez Withstand the Pressure?


Sergio Perez recently signed a multi-year deal with McLaren, a move that will see the young Mexican replace Lewis Hamilton, the last man to win a driver’s championship with the iconic British team.

Since the announcement Perez, who raced to three great podiums last season, has failed to score a point since the announcement was made.

But should we write him off? I say certainly not!

Firstly, numerous first lap conflicts have seen more retirements than his teammate in a predominately reliable Sauber. Perez was a victim to Romain Grosjean’s first lap disasters, amongst other incidents halting any use of his tyre saving ability.

Secondly, Perez, known as Checo by his friends, is a driver best suited to long tactical races where correct tyre choices are paramount to success. Another driver known for using this driving style: his new team mate Jenson Button. Thus next year’s McLaren will be suited to the pair of them.

What’s more Perez is young and therefore bound to make mistakes. This fate is inevitable but with a fast car, an experienced team mate and heaps of natural talent I think he’ll all learn fast.


Martin Whitmarsh has said that Perez’s fitness isn’t yet to their exacting standard. Therefore the young Mexican has a “tough winter ahead of him”. But we all know that racing isn’t for the faint hearted. If these sacrifices are what it takes to win, one would expect him to make it without any hesitations.

I hope so and wish him the best of luck for his next season. He may get off to a shaky start but in a year from now I expect to be saying: “I told you so”!

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5 thoughts on “Can Perez Withstand the Pressure?

  1. I think Checo will be a contender for 2013 Championship. If McLaren delivers a reliable an fast car (I think they will) Sergio will be able to win at least 2 races next season.

    • Hi Sabrina,
      Thank you for your comment. I too believe he is a potential world champion, McLaren just need to work on their reliability.
      Sergio’s got big shoes to fill there but they’ve signed him at McLaren for a reason!
      Still counting down the days to Australia…

  2. I can see him winning races and championships. However in that first year at McLaren, he would have to adapt himself. SURE he can do it. But I am more worried about his physical condition, it was reported that he was out of target from McLaren’s fitness level. I won’t write him off though.. Something in me says that McLaren is going to be strong in 2013 though they have lost Lewis. I mean, Button is a world champion who might had lost his career and now McLaren should have realised what they have lost in this season with their technical problem. As Jenson said, winning the last and first race of the season is a great thing and a boost. Do you remember who won the first and last race of 1997 Katie ? They were the team to have won the Championships in 1998. đŸ™‚

    A good article again ^^

    • Hi Avi,
      I hope McLaren shifted their focus to their 2013 car a while ago just like Mercedes did. If that’s the case then hopefully Sergio can prove himself.
      I agree that we should treat his first year as an experimental year. After all, do you remember Sebastian Vettel’s first race for Red Bull? He made a bad mistake that cost him a good result. Look at him now!
      Of course, what an excellent point! First David Coulthard and finally Mika Hakinnen and both at McLaren. I hope that Jenson and Sergio can emulate their success and prove Jenson’s theory right.
      Thanks Avi again for your support đŸ™‚

  3. He’s had some good drives but I’m not sure if he is WDC material. I think The Hulk should have got that seat personally but Perez is young so he’s only going to get better.

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