What’s All This About Flags?


The phrase ‘it’s not over until the flag’s been waved’ doesn’t seem apt in this championship. Instead a debate has ensued.

The question is: did three time World Champion Sebastian Vettel illegally pass Jean-Eric Vergne to ensure his win? Well, Ferrari thought so and a request for an official review was filed.

The case first began in a midst of yellow flags and flashing lights. Overtaking is not permitted under yellow flag conditions. Traditionally lights are used as a supplement for flags to regulate the length of tarmac used for racing.

Following a review, the FIA have concluded that Vettel has “no case to answer for” and the matter is now over. Alonso will not win the championship – well not this year anyway!

A green flag, positioned between two yellow flags made the move legal.

So there you have it folks, Vettel’s still your champion. Alonso is going to be fired up for this next championship so watch out. The Spaniard’s ready to win!

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