10th Place Wonders?


Caterham. Marussia. HRT. Labelled the ‘new teams’ by the F1 community, a phrase that seems inappropriate as it is a rather loose interpretation of the word ‘new’.

Many had hoped by this stage that Q2 would be a consistent achievement and points would be a potential. They were wrong! Progress has been fairly steady, not the huge leaps seen by Red Bull or Lotus in recent years.

Toro Rosso struggled this season, finding them positioned far behind any other mid field team. This was Caterham and Marussia’s chance to secure points and try to out perform a team that last won with Sebastian Vettel in the car.

Instead both teams found themselves in an epic battle for 10th place taken to the wire, the last round, the last lap. Vitaly Petrov (yes Petrov!) secured the extra million euros worth of funding that will hopefully keep Kovalainen in the sport.

Ironically many have blamed Toro Rosso’s Jean-Eric Vergne for Marussia losing out. Timo Glock’s previous 12th place aided his team enormously but a puncture caused by Vergne made his team fall at the last, somewhat expensive hurdle.

I was excited when Vergne joined Formula 1 but he has been fairly amateur this year. Hopefully his continued partnership with Ricciardo will help him make all necessary improvements.

New driver line ups next year could throw the whole grid into a different order, the champions may falter and the underdogs rise up. Well a girl can dream anyway!

With Charles Pic one of my surprise performers of this year signing a multi year deal, he will bring with him the essential continuity and funding that Caterham desperately need to make those important leaps forward.

And of course the experience, knowledge and patience of Timo Glock is admirable and will prove essential to Marussia’s progress. Perhaps it will be perfectly balanced with the youth of Max Chilton? Here’s hoping!

Let us now spare a thought for HRT who, unless a 12th hour saviour can be found, are destined to leave the sport having made very little impact. Shall we start a whip round everybody?!

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