An Epic Brazilian Finale?

The 2012 Formula 1 finale is nearly upon us. I know sad faces and tissues all round, but don’t worry; Interlagos always delivers!

Brazil has not only been home to some incredible racing drivers (including a certain Mr Ayrton Senna) but has also played host to some gripping Grand Prix. And if the last few races are anything to go by, it may be difficult to stay on top of all this action.

So here’s my 5 point guide to Brazil:

1) Pick a side – Vettel or Alonso? I often declare myself as an impartial race fan, someone who is content with watching anybody race (after all, they must be of a certain standard to be racing). However a finale would not be complete without edge-of-your-seat, throat drying screaming that only occurs once objectivity is declared.

2) Don’t just look to the front. 22 other, very deserving, drivers are also competing. Worthy of particular note are those fighting for race seats next year. Pressure can often bring out the best in a driver. It is for that reason that I will be closely monitoring Kamui Kobayashi, Heikki Kovalainen and Bruno Senna for some awesome overtaking stunts.

3) Don’t forget the departing legend. May I suggest a collective fan round of applause as Michael Schumacher (otherwise known as ‘His Schumacherness’) finishes his final Grand Prix?

4) The Weather. As is the way with Formula 1, many different variables are visible in this highly charged Grand Prix. Rain is expected come race day so expect some risky tactical choices to come into force. I don’t know about you but rain just seems to add an extra something to a race day – Canada 2011 anyone?

5) Enjoy it whilst you can. As much as we all wish they would, Formula 1 seasons don’t last vote forever so get yourself ready for the Grand Prix – get all food, chores and phone calls out of the way. I personally will be nestled under a blanket, BBC sport mug in hand and (I’m not going to lie) a box of tissues to hand as I say goodbye to Jake Humphrey and Michael Schumacher.

So there you have it, my five things to watch at the Brazilian Grand Prix this weekend. Interlagos is a special circuit – what better place to end an unpredictable and thrilling racing season?

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