Vettel Vs Alonso


“Their friendship will inevitably ensure good sportsmanship off the track – on however, that is a different story!”

Move aside Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso has a new rival! A rivalry oozing with potential legendary status. Think Hill Vs Clark, Prost Vs Senna and Michael Schumacher against pretty much everybody else!

Still a relatively new rivalry, this one may grow rapidly as the duo look set to be Ferrari team mates in the future. All eyes will be on the Ferrari and the Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel as they both aim for a third World Championship title. The debate over which driver should win is as passion filled as a Grand Prix. Each fan has their favourite even if their allegiance doesn’t usually fall to any team or driver.

So who deserves the Championship the most?

This is a very difficult question to answer. After all, any driver willing to take on the dangers of Formula 1 deserves such a reward. However when you put these two champions in context it is easy to see why they, in particular, are so well respected.

Vettel’s obtained 49 front rows grid slots in 100 Grand Prix amassing the majority of them within the last two years with Red Bull. Furthermore, his recent podium in Abu Dhabi against all the odds showcased the young German as an all round great racer. His dominance last year is hard to ignore and, at the age of 25, he’s still got plenty of years ahead of him.

Oh and before you say it, no his victories are not always down to his Adrian Newey designed cars – though of course this has been a contributing factor to his most recent successes! Cast your mind back to the Italian Grand Prix 2008. Situated in historic Monza, Vettel’s first win came in a Toro Rosso (crucially, their only win to date). No other driver has come close since.

Turn your thoughts now to the older, wiser Spaniard. Much more tactical in his approach than his new rival, Alonso has outperformed a disappointing Ferrari this year to stay in contention until what promises to be a thrilling Brazilian finale. He may have the privilege of racing for such a prestigious team but that doesn’t ensure World Championships. Ask Felipe Massa or Rubens Barrichello; I’m sure they’d agree. Alonso’s reliability and astute tactical know how has prevented him from falling at the mercy of the mighty Red Bull.

Alonso’s start last weekend in Texas was just one highlight in a series of exciting racing moments during the Grand Prix. Noticeably, the burden of this championship loss falls to Vettel – whose championship it is to lose. Whilst Ferrari will inevitably expect a victory, the performance levels of the Red Bull has been nearly faultless the last couple of years.

Ultimately of course, the constructor’s championship means the most to the team; it gives them additional funding and the all important bragging rights for the next season. So far it is Red Bull: 1, Ferrari: 0. Alonso is a double world champion ready to fend off his new rival, especially as doubts over the Red Bull’s reliability are spreading like wildfire.

This news will of course delight Ferrari fans but as we fans all know, the Championship isn’t over until the flag is waved. Vettel himself has said “there are no guarantees in life” and he was definitely right!
Their friendship and undoubted mutual respect will inevitably ensure good sportsmanship off the track – on however, that is a different story!

Who do you think should win the Championship and why? Let me know by commenting below (you do not need a WordPress account to do so).
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One thought on “Vettel Vs Alonso

  1. Much as I think Vettel is a great driver, I really think Alonso deserves it more. He’s been in a really poor Ferrari all season as opposed to Newey’s brainchild and yet he’s only a few points behind Vettel. His qualifying performances have probably let him down a little but can you say really that he hasn’t done incredibly well to finish where he has a lot of the time considering when he starts so much further down the grid, in a slower car? If he wins this title he’ll definitely be one of the best drivers of all time. It’s the sign of a great to triumph IN SPITE of your car, rather than Vettel, who triumphs because of his car.

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