Seb’s Century – The Stats

“Whether it’s my 100th Grand Prix or my 56th it will mean the same”.

Sebastian Vettel first began racing competitively in Formula 1 in 2007, making his début in Indiana in the US. Fittingly, America will also be the home of his historic 100th Grand Prix – this time it will be Austin, Texas that has the honour.

With a third consecutive championship at stake this weekend, one can’t help but thing what a symbolic win this Grand Prix could be. After all, Vettel’s stats are pretty impressive. With a 28.5% race win percentage and 45 podiums to his name, it is easy to see how the young German is being dubbed ‘Mini-Schumi’.

So here’s a general round up of Vettel’s statistics to date:
– Most championship points earned in a season: 392 (2011)
– Most starts from the front row in a season: 18 (2011)
– Youngest driver to drive at a Grand Prix meeting: 19 years, 53 days (2007)
-Youngest driver to score points in Formula 1: (2007)
and my personal favourite:
-Shortest time elapsed before gaining a penalty: 6 seconds!

These statistics are of course very encouraging; the German has achieved more at the age of 25 than most of the other drivers currently on the grid. It speaks volumes for the driver we could see in the future. But back to this weekend – can Vettel really win the Championship? It is possible but the statistics do count against him for once.

If Vettel is 1st then his championship rival Fernando Alonso must be 5th or better. If Vettel is 2nd, Alonso must be 9th or better. Granted, Alonso’s qualifying may not have gone the Spaniard’s way but his starts are impeccible even on the dirty side of the grid.

I as an F1 fan ultimately appreciate how incredible winning a champioship on a landmark Grand Prix but as Vettel himself said to the BBC’s Lee McKenzie “whether it’s my 100th or my 56th, it will mean the same”.

Hopefully the racing gods will be on our side tonight and the championship, that has remained so unpredictable all year, keeps us guessing for at least one more week.

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