Formula 1’s Unsung Legend?


Kimi Räikkönen holds the prestigious position of World Formula 1 Drivers Champion.

The Finn was the surprise winner in 2007, who showed that consistency can outweigh wins in the highly unpredictable sport.

This same, slightly unconventional style, could occur once again. Räikkönen is currently 3rd in the overall standings despite failing to obtain a race win!

Once again it is his reliability that kept him in championship contention, thus far this season the Lotus driver has only dipped outside the points in one race.

Perhaps this time his more than 40 point deficit may be too much to make up with only four races left of this unpredictable season.

But don’t rule him out. His lack of charismatic media appearances mean he does not appear at the forefront of F1 coverage.

His desire to win is second to none. However I feel that with a lack appropriate upgrades from Lotus, this may be too much to ask. Next year, with drivers moving teams, his experience and raw talent makes him my one to watch next season.

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3 thoughts on “Formula 1’s Unsung Legend?

  1. Hi.
    I came across this blogpost via twitter,and it’s a fantastic little piece you have written here.
    Kimi is loving life at Lotus,driving brilliantly,and as you say,amazing consistency.
    As you also point out,lack of upgrades have cost him dearly but if he stays in F1 in 2013 then he will only get better means he will be the man to watch if he gets a quick package,
    Well written.

    • Hi James,

      Thank for your comment and follow. I’m pleased that you like my blog, after all I write for my fellow racing fans.
      Kimi does seem very relaxed at Lotus. I initially doubted whether this was the appropriate place for him but it definitely was!
      I am hoping that his reputation will bring higher paying sponsors that can help push upgrades next year. Do you think he still has a chance to win this year?

      I notice that you’re a motor racing addict in which case you may like this:


      • no problem.
        I don’t think Kimi will win the championship,because unlike 2007,he doesn’t have a car that can win races now,or even get podiums but delighted with his return.

        That’s another great post and I would say the same as you,it’s what makes me tick.

        P.S,will follow you on twitter when I return,just have a break right now.

        keep up the good blogs.

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