Oh Romain!

Romain Grosjean has received a lot of stick recently for his first lap overtaking attempts.
9 crashes out of 14 races (one race, the Frenchman was absent serving a ban) is a bad statistic. Why? Because the very least a team asks is that, whilst it’s in their control, drivers should get to the end of a race. You ask the three back teams, they’ll agree.

Grosjean started in the season in a blaze of glory, a podium and outperforming his former world champion team mate Kimi Raikonnen had many excited about his prospects.

Now people are viewing him very differently, and perhaps he himself. The smiling Frenchman who so often opposed his team mate in character, looked positively demour and pensive during an interview with the BBC’s Lee McKenzie.

Mark Webber has suggested that Grosjean needs another ‘holiday’. My response to @F1_Fan_Updates on Twitter is: this statement is fair. The punishments are not proving to be an effective deterrent.

Jerome d’Ambrosio could end up with his seat next year. The Belgian made his return to F1 for Lotus during Grosjean’s ban. Perhaps most crucially, Eric Boullier, Team Principal of Lotus, has stated that the Belgian deserves another chance at a full time seat. After all, this year is Grosjean’s second chance!

What do you think of Grosjean’s first full year in Formula 1? Let me know by commenting below (please note you do not need a WordPress account to do so).

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2 thoughts on “Oh Romain!

  1. First off I belive Grosjean was concentrating to much with whot was happening in his left hand mirror that by the time he looked ahead the crash with @Ausiegrit was inevitable which Webber was totally right to be frustrated & annoyed at.
    As for Ambrosio he does deserve the chance but with Massa more than likely to stay with Ferrari & McLaren RBRs & Mercedes all ready naming next yrs drivers the seats going are at Sauber,Williams as I believe Senna has just not produced enough to deserve the seat for next year & maybe Grosjeans at Lotus.
    So this leaves Hulkenberg & Di Resta maybe both leaving to go to the above teams I’ve mentioned & then of course they’ll be their seats that need to be filled as well as one or two others.
    Now I’m no Eddie Jordan & I’ve no crystal ball but I do know as a die hard formula one fan that the comings & goings over the next few months is only going to make the 2013 season even more exciting & truly show us how some of these drivers adapt in different cars

    • Thank for your comment.
      I think that your point about Grosjean is valid. He was probably trying to be careful without losing the aggression and drive (no pun intended) that is essential to retain a seat at a team like Lotus. Either way for him it is a lose/lose situation.
      The general consensus amongst F1 fans that I have spoken to is that they believe that his mistakes could have cost him his seat despite the potential he has shown along the way with a podium. His mistakes are very high profile and are probably affecting the Lotus name in terms of Sponsorship.
      I will agree with you on one thing. This next F1 season could be the best yet! One thing I will say is: maybe we’re looking too far beyond this season? 2012 is not over yet and there is a great battle pending.

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