Goodbye Michael…


Today Michael Schumacher made the announcement: He is to re retire from F1

It’s just a shame that he isn’t leaving under his previous cloud of glory. One podium and being outperformed by his team mate Nico Rosberg is hardly a sign of a seven time World Champion.

I was too young to remember his previous incarnation as Ferrari’s number one driver and racing legend. I was excited to see him race, expecting the same man I had heard so much about.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen but it was a pleasure to have him return to the sport. What Schumacher has done for German sport is unprecedented – we wouldn’t have had Glock, Hulkenberg and double champ Vettel without him.

The re retirement is not a huge surprise. We first expected when a certain Eddie Jordan debated Hamilton’s future at Mercedes. This ended up being true. Rumours continued to swirl linking him to Sauber and Caterham.

ln my opinion, Jaime Alguersuari looks like he is the most obvious replacement, having announced his return aged 23. How very full circle! The steering wheel is symbolically being handed to the young.

Goodbye Schumacher the living legend. We will miss you and you’re outrageous overtakes. I have a feeling that your record is set to stand.

Thank you for everything you have done for the sport I love.

What do you think of Schumacher’s retirement and who do you think will replace him. Comment below (you do not need a WordPress account to do this).

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