Sid Watkins, The Saviour of Formula 1…


Yesterday, the Formula 1 community lost one of its heroes following the death of Professor Sid Watkins.

Sid Watkins was the medical doctor, working during one of the most devastating eras for the sport. Senna and Ratenzberger both lost their lives at the San Marino Circuit in 1994.

The former was a good friend of Sid’s. They had often spoken about fishing when Senna retired, a new way for them to find a thrill post racing.

After Senna’s death, Sid Watkins worked with the FIA to create a safer era of racing. He saved so many people’s lives during his time as a doctor and even more after.

There are so many great drivers up there waiting for him. May they meet again. Go fishing now Sid! Thank you for all your work.

Watch over all our drivers for us.

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