So What’s This About Hamilton and Mercedes?


“Hamilton’s future is in the hands of Schumacher”. 

Lewis Hamilton has been brought up by the McLaren team. Having this relationship since the tender age of seven has ensured loyalty within the team. However, now the former world-champion has stated: “Loyalty only goes so far” Oh the drama!

Eddie Jordan, affectionately known as EJ by his adoring BBC fans, has used his high status within Formula 1 to let the world know of an impending move for Hamilton away from his beloved team to Mercedes, the manufacturer of his current car’s engine.

To be fair I can see how plausible this would be. Firstly, Michael Schumacher has not had the comeback he would have wanted. One podium at the European Grand Prix this year is not exactly noteworthy for a seven time world champion. Therefore, a second and final retirement could well be on the cards.
Wanted: Competitive driver with a world title. (Lewis perhaps?)

Secondly, Hamilton has really been making statements this year. Previously McLaren has been the apple of his eye, and so has he been their’s. Now questions about loyalty have arisen and caused media pandemonium. If this Hamilton trying to keep the team on their toes, he might not be so public about it. It’s essential that a driver stays focused during a race weekend.

There is however one problem with this theory. Schumacher has made no hints at retirement himself, it’s been high up third parties doing all of that for him! Crucially, Hamilton’s future is in the hands of Schumacher. After all, Mercedes, a profoundly German team, can not be seen to fire the great champion.

Thinking about it, Hamilton has the best of both worlds. If Schumacher doesn’t retire then McLaren will definitely keep him on – of course the team have now been warned about the Brit’s loyalty. And if Schumacher does retire then Hamilton will stay with a competitive team.

Nico Rosberg, Schumacher’s current team mate, is good friends with Hamilton. He won’t mind one bit who is staying. All that he cares about is that the car is fast.

I’ve got to say, I love it when Eddie Jordan and his outrageously colour shirt interfere in other people’s business.

Do you think Hamilton will stay or go? Let me know below. Please note you do not need a WordPress Account to do so. Only your email address.

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One thought on “So What’s This About Hamilton and Mercedes?

  1. Thanks, this post has clarified aspects of this case that may have been confusing otherwise. Schumacher is very sly and could will continue to deny or confirm rumours I suspect.
    Hamilton is going but this is definitely a mistake! Keep up the good posts 🙂

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