Bravo Andy Murray


As is the truly British way, we celebrate the historic and monumental US Open win of Andy Murray.

He joins a prestigious list: Federer, Djokovic, Nadal and Roddick. If it seems like you’ve been waiting a lifetime for this moment, you have! Britain’s last winner was Fred Perry in 1936.

The victory from the outset seemed inevitable. His heart breaking loss in the Wimbledon final must have spurred him on. The emotionless Scot broke down to rapturous applause.

His Olympic gold only a few weeks later proved that he really wasn’t the bridesmaid to the top there’s bride! With the monkey off his back (as the phrase goes) and an injured Nadal out, Murray stormed through. Djokovic just wasn’t a match for him.

On behalf of my nation, I would like to congratulate Murray on his victory. Through his victorys this year, he will be nominated for Sports Personality of the Year. But will he win? It’s a tough choice…

I would also like to thank @Beth_f1 for her contribution.

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